Best Time to visit Kamakhya Temple

Best time to visit Kamakhya Temple or Guwahati is in between the months of October and April. There is very pleasant climate condition of Guwahati during this period.

Between April to October Months also considered as best time to visit Kamakhya Temple as during this period Bihu Festival happens which glorifies the Assam’s culture.

best time to visit kamakhya temple

Best time to visit Kamakhya Temple: One should avoid going during June

Although the main festival which is Ambubachi Mela happens every year in the month of June. Ambubachi Mela attracts lacs of devotees and Trantrics but due to over crowd one should avoid this period.

Avoid Month of June due to overcrowd of Ambubachi Mela

One should avoid going during June. In this month Ambubachi Mela is celebrated, lacs of devotees visits temple during this time.

Temple is also closed for three days between 26 June to 29 June, it is believed that during this period mother goddess passes thru the menstruation cycle.

Best time to visit kamakhya temple

Kamakhya Temple is famous for Sadhna(Meditation). Devotees and Tantrics from around the globe gather here to celebrate this significant festival.

Best Time to Visit Kamakhya Temple is during Bihu Festival

Devotees may visit between October-April except national or closed holidays and weekends.

October-April is the best time visit Guwahati to observe a distinctive and pleasurable facet of Assam.

At this time town is blessed with a humid suptropical climate.

Bihu Festival, best time to visit kamakhya temple

During October-April period Bihu festivals happens in April, January and September-October.

So, to enjoy the whether as well as Bihu Festival during visiting Kamakhya Temple, one can plan during October to April.

Best time to visit Kamakhya Temple between October to April Month

Weather of Guwahati during October-April make it best time to visit Kamakhya Temple:

Best time to visit Kamakhya temple

Table shows the average monthly temprature of Guwahti, so one plan his travel as per the suitable climate condition.

MonthHigh / Low(°C)Rain
January24° / 11°1 day
February27° / 13°2 days
March30° / 16°6 days
April31° / 20°13 days
May32° / 23°15 days
June32° / 25°16 days
July32° / 26°17 days
August33° / 26°15 days
September32° / 25°12 days
October31° / 22°6 days
November28° / 17°1 day
December25° / 12°0 days


As per our opinion best time to visit Kamakhya Temple is between October to March month as during these months temperature is moderate and rain-fall is less. Devotees may also plan during June month as during this period Ambubachi Mela happens which the most famous tantric cult festival of India and the world.