Basistha Temple: Dedicated to sacred Shiva

Basistha Temple or Vasistha Temple is located inside where Basistha Ashram is located in Beltola, 10-12 kilometers away from south east of Guwahati city. It is located at Sandhyachal Hill near Garbhanga Reserve Forest.  This reserve has ample population of elephants and is also a proposed butterfly reserve. This temple is one of ancient temples apart from Kamakhya Temple.

basistha temple

Three Individual temples around Basistha Temple

There are three individual temples around the main temple. One Temple is dedicated to the Brahma-Vishnu-Maheshwara. Other to Ganesha and third temple is Garva Griha (Inner Sanctum). It is believed that Saint Vasishtha used to meditate here and had his last breath.

basistha temple

Mountain streams originating from upper hills of Meghalaya passes thru the temple. Later this stream consolited as rivers Basistha and Bahini Bharalu flowing through city of Guwahati.

Near temple there is one cave named on the name of Vasishta as Guru Basistha said to meditate in this cave. This cave is around 5 KMs inside the Ashram, and the waterfall near cave enhances its beauty. 

This historical temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva was made by Ahom king, Rajeswar Singha in the year 1764. Ahom king donated the 835 bighas of land to the Ashram for the construction of temple.

It is believed that this Ashram was established by Saint Basistha himself dates back to vedic age and spent his last years of life here.

This temple history is believed to be from Vedic-era. Devotees from all over the country comes here. The day is on which Great Saint Basistha attained moksha is celebrated with great zeal.