Assam State Museum: Guwahati

Assam State Museum was designed under the presidency of Kanklal Baruah, plus it had been shot from the country shortly after his departure in the year 1953. The Museum provides a broad collection of sculptures and artifacts dating back into the 5th-12th century into the artifacts in the World War II.  This museum is a superb spot to visit if you’d like a sneak-peak of this background of this North-east India.

Assam State Museum depicts history of state of Assam

Assam State Museum is among the most well-known museums of the North- East India which provides insights into the rich culture of early history and in addition to the contemporary history of North-East India.  Its prominent place in the middle of town attracts a lot of history buffs and tourists visiting Guwahati. Apart from this there are other attractions of Guwahati:

Umananda Temple

Basistha Temple

Assam State Zoo

Assam State Museum

The Museum is split into different sections every one showcasing the various sect of history.  Manuscript section exhibits the early manuscripts such as these records on the bark of older trees which are well-preserved within the museum.  Additionally, it houses the The Group of arms of this Ahom dynasty of 1200’s is that the uniqueness of the section.

The ancient terracotta segment has put on screen the Sculptors in the Indus Valley culture and the a variety of terracotta objects extracted in different sections of Northeast India.  Numismatics and metallic sculptures segment have the assortment of alloy relics of Vishnu, Goddess Durga, and Buddha. Together with the set of coins out of Mughal and Ahom dynasty. Epigraphy segment has a set of aluminum and stone natural history gallery gets the Set of natural biodiversity of this country including the life span of One-Horn Rhino.

The memorial has also put on screen the different handicrafts and handmade objects of this North-east India alongside the reconstructed tribal huts.  The conservation laboratory was started in June 1984 to preserve the current assortment of The artifacts and sculptures located at the museum and also to extract more historic objects.