Kamakhya Temple Secrets

Kamakhya Temple Secrets

Where the temple has three doors, and each has his significance. Where the tantra is the procedure of worship, where Animals sacrifice are offered for worship. Where Brahmaputra river turns red during Ambubachi. What are the Kamakhya Temple Secrets?

The enormous power is present in the center of the universe. The effect of which the water of Brahmaputra becomes red, where the connection between Lord Shiva and Goddess Sati begins.

The Kamakhya Temple built on a mountain at Nilachal Hills, it has three parts, and from one of the parts, water keeps coming out from a sacred stone all the time. 

Top 4 Secrets of Kamakhya Temple

Kamakhya Temple is one of the 51 Shakti Peeths and one of 4 Adi Peethas, its importance increases considerably, but its specialty is not just that, there are many secrets attached to Kamakhya. 

Kamakhya Temple Secrets: Animal Sacrifice to please Goddess

Kamakhya Temple Secrets 1: Animal Sacrifice

The worship of Kamakhya is done according to the strict tradition of Tantra.

Before the opening of the temple, the first sacrifice is offered to mother Kamakhya, and then Devi is worshiped after that temple door is opened for devotees. 

The most mythological belief associated with this temple is that Goddess Kamakhya fulfills every wish. This temple is also considered to be a stronghold of Tantrics and Aghoris. Here animal sacrifice is made to fulfill the vow.

Apart from this, it is also believed that if any devotee does not want to sacrifice, then he can set free animals by paying their price. 

Kamakhya Temple Secrets 2: Most revered place of worship: For Tantrics and Devotees

This temple is the most revered place for Tantras all over the world, here big Tantrics and Aghoris comes and can be found doing meditation. Kamakhya Temple is famous all over the world for meditation.

Mainly Kamakhya is the place of sadhana (meditation), and whoever comes here to practice according to tradition, he gets the accomplishment of meditation.

Kamakhya Temple Secrets 3: A blood stream comes out from a stone

It is said that a stream of blood comes out of this sacred stone. Why and how does this happen? Nobody knows this till today. There are many secrets associated with this temple, which also challenge nature.

Every year during Ambubachi, there is no auspicious work in Assam for four days in June.

It is believed that red water like blood comes out in the temple those days, due to which the water of Brahmaputra becomes red. People think that during this period, mother Kamakhya menstruate.

People come here from faraway places of the country to become an eyewitness. 

It is believed that the love of Lord Shiva and Goddess Sati started here. Love is called the Kama in the Sanskrit language; hence this temple was named Kamakhya Devi. 

There is no idol of Kamakhya Devi in ​​this temple, but her stone form is worshiped.

Kamakhya Temple Secrets 4: Kamakhya Temple’s 3 doors and Sanctum Sanctorum

The temple of Maa Kamakhya has 3 gates, the first one is considered to be the door to happiness and prosperity, the second one is considered to be the door to salvation, and the third one is the Annapurna door from where the food for the mother goes.

Kamakhya Devi Shaktipeeth is considered to be the gateway to the creation of the world, and therefore the highest position among all Shaktipeeths is Kamakhya Devi Shakti Peeth.

There are many things related to Kamakhya Devi that many people don’t even know, the mystery pertaining to its sanctum sanctorum of Kamakhya Temple and doors is also surprising, and the most important part of the temple is present in a cave about 20 feet below the ground.

There are not one or two secrets of Kamakhya, and many such stories have been linked to this, which cannot be easily believed.

The secret attached to its sanctum sanctorum, the mystery of Kamakhya Temple’s three doors, the water flowing from the stone here surprises everyone.