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Kamakhya or Kameshwari as she is also known is the renowned goddess of desire, whose shrine is situated in a cave in the heart of Nilachal Hills in Guwahati, Assam.

Maa Kamakhya is also known as Kali and Maha Tripura Sundari. Kamakhya is mentioned in the Kalika Purana as the most important Goddess of Tantric worship and is found as the Mahadevi of such Mahamaya i.e. illusions who can take many forms depending on her mood.

Out of one of the 51 Shakti Peethas and also among the 4 Adi Shakti Peethas, Kamakhya Temple is special because the womb and the vagina of Devi Sati fell here and thus deity is called the Goddess of fertility or the “bleeding Goddess.”

The temple of Kamakhya is first said to have been built by Kamadeva, the God of love. Kamadeva dutifully built a temple with the help of Vishwakarma in honor of Sati on the top of the Nilachal Hills. The present temple is said to have been built by NaraNarayan after it was destroyed in early 16th Century.

Kamakhya Temple

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